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Get Familiar with What Appendix EU is

Appendix EU is the rules of immigration and as per the rule, a candidate needs to apply for the settled status. And the ones who are living in the UK for the last five years continuously are eligible for Appendix... (More)

Know more about Five levels of visa

Anyone who comes to the United Kingdom for work must meet a particular set of conditions under a points based system is an immigration scheme. Those who win appropriate points receive visas. The points-based system would enable UK employers to... (More)

Different Types of UK Visa that is Available -

UK is one of the most well-known countries for overseas business due to its economy, location and also its security. So, there are many businessmen who want to expand their business in UK and they have to apply for a... (More)

Certificate of Sponsorship

The Certificate of Sponsorship or CoS is a self-affirming record that a sponsored permit holder issues to a sponsored work visa candidate. The Certificate of Sponsorship is an electronic record with a unique reference number, instead of physical documentation.

It... (More)