BSc Physics Notes  covers the different as well as unique subjects, which includes the ebooks with the esoteric theory, formula, physical constants, physical phenomena of the universe, space concepts, time as well as the gravitation concepts, relativity theory, aether as well as gravitation, einstein theory of relativity, quaternions in physics concepts, electricity, theories of great physical forces, etc. and so on are the different as well as various topics that are included in the Du MSc Physics Entrance Syllabus.


The following are some of the primary, major, and important concepts of the  Du MSc Physics Entrance Syllabus :


  1. The Classical mechanics concepts
  2. The Thermodynamics as well as statistical mechanics concepts
  3. The Electromagnetism and photonics concepts
  4. All the Relativistic mechanic's concepts
  5. All the complete and concise Quantum mechanics concepts
  6. The atomic physics concepts
  7. The molecular physics concepts
  8. The Optics as well as acoustics concepts
  9. The Condensed Matter Physics Concepts
  10. The High Energy Particle Physics as well as Nuclear Physics Concepts
  11. The cosmology concepts
  12. Interdisciplinary fields concepts


The following are some of the primary, major, and important concepts of the BSc Physics Notes and syllabus:


  1. The Mathematical Physics Concepts
  2. The Mathematical Physics by HK Das concepts 
  3. The Higher Engineering Mathematics by HK Das concepts
  4. The Complex Variable by Schaum's Outlines 2 ed concepts
  5. The Complex Variable and Applications by Schaum's Outlines 7 ed concepts.
  6. The Differential Equations by Schaum's Outlines 3 ed concepts
  7. The Differential Equations by Schaum's Outlines 4 ed concepts
  8. The Fourier Analysis by Schaum's Series concepts
  9. The Vector Analysis by Schaum's Series concepts
  10. The Tensor Calculus by Schaum's Series concepts
  11. The Laplace Transforms by Schaum's Series concepts
  12. The Mathematical Physics by V. Balakrishnan concepts
  13. The Complex Variables and Applications by Ruel and James Brown concepts
  14. The Matrices and Tensors by AW Joshi concepts
  15. The Mathematical Methods in Physical Sciences by Mary L. Baos concepts
  16. The Mathematical Physics 1 concepts
  17. The Mechanics Concepts
  18. The Electricity and Magnetism Concepts
  19. The Waves and Optics Concepts
  20. The Mathematical Physics II Concepts
  21. The Thermal Physics Concepts
  22. The Digital Systems and Applications Concepts
  23. Mathematical Physics III concepts
  24. Elements of Modern Physics concepts
  25. Analog Systems Concepts